BRISTOL – It's Bristol, baby!  Beatin' and bangin'.  Framin' and bamin'.

Melanie and three others are going with Kyle Busch. Doug and Alan hope to gain ground on Melanie with Hamlin or Harvick.

Wins mean everything. Our challengers have eight races to overtake Melanie.

Bristol Predictions

  1. Melanie Scott  2 wins, 111 points  Kyle Busch: Successful in Bristol night races, he can secure a place in the next playoff round with a victory.
  2. Jim Dropp  0 wins, 109 points  Kyle Busch: JGR cars are on a tear and an angry Kyle is angry!
  3. Steve Poplarski  0 wins, 103 points  Kyle Busch: Four wins, 11 top-5 finishes in last 20 races, hopefully his tach works tonight.
  4. Doug Baker  0 wins, 99 points  Denny Hamlin: He has led the most laps without a win but he is showing consistency. It's his to win.
  5. Alan Sneider  0 wins, 79 points  Kevin Harvick: He will probably make the second round on points, but he is still looking for a win.
  6. Art Staus  0 wins, 79 points  Kyle Busch: All the stats show that Bristol is a strong track for Kyle. He's good to pull off a win.

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