PHOENIX -- Congratulations to Donna Dillon who picked the race winner, Joey Logano.

Both Donna and Phil Brown had two wins, but Donna beat him in points. It's always exciting when our Prediction Row Champion is decided during the last race.

Donna will be publicly and officially named the "Prediction Row Champion" at the club's Hall of Fame event on February 4, 2023.

Our standings are based on wins and points are used as the tie-breaker. The top 3 will advance to our Playoff Segment.

Final Standings

  1. Donna Dillon  2 wins, 349 points - Our 2022 Champion!
  2. Phil Brown 2 wins, 281 points
  3. Chris Six 1 win, 265 points
  4. Doug Baker  0 wins, 331 points
  5. Bob Lupini  0 wins, 315 points
  6. Alan Sneider  0 wins, 208 points

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