KANSAS - So Close! If Larson could have stop running into the wall Chris Dirato would have gotten his win. Congratulations to Bob Lupini, Doug Baker and Chris Six as they move on to the Playoff and further congratulations to all the predictors for thirteen weeks of exciting gamesmanship.  It was close so many times. Now its off to the second segment and a new list of predictors.

Our standings are based on wins and points are used as the tie-breaker. The top 3 will advance to our Playoff Segment.

Standings After Kansas 

  1. Bob Lupini  3 wins, 435 points
  2. Doug Baker 2 wins, 394 points
  3. Chris Six  1 win, 469 points
  4. Jim West  1 win, 413 points
  5. Rich Benitz  1 win, 372 points
  6. Chris Dirato  0 wins, 389 points


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