PHOENIX – Chase Elliott ran a flawless race, leading 153 of 312 laps and held off fellow title contender Brad Keselowski by more than 2.7 seconds. NASCAR's most popular driver is now a champion of its most prestigious series.

John Goodyear and Art Staus picked Elliott. John tied Gerry Hafer on wins, but Gerry held his lead on points.

Congratulations to Gerry Hafer, our 2020 Prediction Row Champion!

Final Standings

  1. Gerry Hafer  3 wins, 418 points
  2. John Goodyear  3 wins, 406 points
  3. Larry Hanna  2 wins, 398 points
  4. Steve Poplarski  2 wins, 371 points
  5. Jim West  2 wins, 335 points
  6. Art Staus  1 win, 394 points

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