MICHIGAN – Two NASCAR Cup races in two days - this COVID thing has really turned the world upside down.

Five different drivers are predicted to win. There's gonna be a shakeup in our standings!

The top three will transfer to the Playoff Segment to compete for the Prediction Row championship.

Michigan 1 Predictions

  1. Steve Poplarski  1 win, 290 points  Brad Keselowski: Brad is a consistent lap leader at Michigan. He will continue the momentum gained after an impressive win at Loudon.
  2. Donna Gross  1 win, 250 points  Joey Logano: He has had three wins at this track and is running good as of late and is hungry for a win.
  3. Gerry Hafer  1 win, 236 points  Chase Elliott: I'm confident his dad will have schooled him well on how to win at Michigan.
  4. John Goodyear  1 win, 230 points  Kevin Harvick: He has a fast car and has come close so this will be his day.
  5. Bob Woodsford  0 wins, 269 points  Joey Logano: He will win another one for Ford this weekend.
  6. Paul O'Connor  0 wins, 214 points  Matt DiBenedetto: Previously selected heavy favorites have not come through. The Wood Brothers have won more than ten times at MIS and Matt will show the way for the team.

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