HOMESTEAD – Kyle Busch saved his best playoff performance for last and won his second career Cup Series championship.

Bob hung with Rowdy one more time - he picked KB seven times during the playoffs - and jumped from fourth place to the championship.

Congratulations to Bob for winning the 2019 Prediction Row Championship! THANK YOU to all 12 of our fearless prognosticators who competed this season!

Final Standings

  1. Bob Woodsford  2 wins, 388 points
  2. Mike Anderson  2 wins, 365 points
  3. Ernie Moretti  2 wins, 357 points
  4. Janine Woodsford  1 win, 403 points
  5. Paul Morbit  1 win, 338 points
  6. Joe Kavalauskas  1 win, 327 points

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