RICHMONDShort track racing on a Saturday night - it doesn't get any better than this.

Our fearless prognosticators seem to favor Harvick and Logano this week.

Wins mean everything! Standings can change dramatically as our predictors pick winners.

Richmond Predictions

1. TIE Mike Anderson  57 points  Kevin Harvick: I am sticking with him for one more race. He finishes well here.
1. TIE Joe Kavalauskas  57 points  Joey Logano:  He has something to prove after last week, leading all those laps and not winning.
3. Janine Woodsford  56 points  Kevin Harvick: I don't care for him, but he is a good racer and he definitely needs a win. He will be up on the wheel.
4. Ernie Moretti  50 points  Joey Logano: Finished in the top three in 10 of the last races. It's among his best tracks.
5. Paul Morbit  43 points  Kyle Busch: Richmond is the track he has the most first place wins.
6. Bob Woodsford  21 points  Denny Hamlin: He needs this win and he's been doing well.

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