FONTANA – Kyle Busch overcame a pit road speeding penalty following the Stage 2 break and reclaimed the lead with 25 laps remaining.

Kyle Busch came through for three of our prognosticators. Janine Woodsford leads the way with two wins.

Wins mean everything. Joe Kavalauskas has more points than Harry Scheiblin and Lou Palmer, but they each have a win.

Standings After Fontana

  1. Janine Woodsford  2 wins, 243 points
  2. Tom Kwasniewski  1 win, 223 points
  3. Paul Morbit  1 win, 222 points
  4. Harry Scheiblin  1 win, 170 points
  5. Lou Palmer  1 win, 143 points
  6. Joe Kavalauskas  0 wins, 201 points

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