KENTUCKY – Kurt Busch got side-by-side with his brother, Kyle, and out-dueled him on the final lap to win.

Nobody picked the winner, but Bob Woodsford jumped from fourth to first with Kyle's second-place finish.

We have a tight battle for first place and another battle for third place, the last transfer spot.

The top three will move on to the Playoff Segment.

Standings After Kentucky

  1. Bob Woodsford  1 win, 183 points
  2. Gerry Greim  1 win, 182 points
  3. Chris Bleistein  1 win, 168 points
  4. Mike Anderson  1 win, 164 points
  5. Ernie Moretti  0 wins, 150 points
  6. Jim Pappas  0 wins, 137 points

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