KANSAS – Keselowski emerged from virtually nowhere for the win in overtime.

With one race remaining in our Spring Segment, Janine and Paul are locked in with three wins.

Joe and Tom each have two wins, but Joe has a sizable point spread over Tom. Tom needs to pick the winner of the Coca-Cola 600 and hope that Joe doesn't pick the same driver.

The top three will transfer to the Playoff Segment.

Standings After Kansas

  1. Janine Woodsford  3 wins, 511 points
  2. Paul Morbit  3 wins, 474 points
  3. Joe Kavalauskas  2 wins, 529 points
  4. Tom Kwasniewski  2 wins 449 points
  5. Lou Palmer  1 win, 359 points
  6. Harry Scheiblin  1 win, 353 points

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